Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Between Sisters

I've written a few reviews on Kristin Hannah books and I've noticed a least for myself.  I either absolutely love them and think they're the greatest thing ever.  Or I just feel kinda "meh" about them.  I'll explain the premise of this one before I give you my review.

This story is about two half-sisters (duh!) who are as different as night and day.  They share a mother who, really, should never have been a mother.  There's a pretty sizable age difference between the two, so Meghann (the eldest) has a bit of a mother-type relationship with Claire (the youngest).  At a certain point in their childhood, when their mother absentmindedly "forgets" about them, Meghann finds and calls Claire's father.  He immediately scoops the two up and attempts to raise them both.  However, Meghann butts heads with him and runs off...because he thinks he knows best (and not her) and he's not Meghann's real father.

Fast forward 20+ years and Meghann is an ΓΌber successful divorce attorney in Seattle and Claire manages a small-town resort in Hayden, a few hours away.  The sisters have a stiff relationship that consists mostly of periodic phone calls.  However, there is a longing for their old "thick as thieves" relationship...though neither tells the other of their desire.

Suddenly, there's a traumatic incident that occurs in Meghann's work life, causing her to take a forced vacation.  And Meghann ends up deciding to visit Hayden since, coincidence...her sister, Claire, has decided to up and marry a wannabe country and western singer after only knowing him a short, short, short time.  With Meghann being a divorce attorney, this goes over super well when Claire tells her.

The rest of this book entails the bond the two sisters attempt to re-establish (with difficulty) and, of course, there's a little extra drama thrown in there.  You're also immediately introduced to a male side-story (Joe) that will eventually intersect the sisters' plot later on down the road. And Joe ends up having a pretty substantial effect.

::sigh::  I really love Kristin Hannah's writing, but this one just wasn't my favorite.  I felt that this book ended up being very predictable and maudlin.  In a way, I felt that Nicholas Sparks could have written this...and usually Kristin Hannah is less predictable and better at prompting emotions out of me.  There were also a few scenes that I found unrealistic. 

For example, there's a scene where Claire goes in for her yearly pap a doctor who happens to be one of her best friend's dad.  Ummm...I'm all about keeping business within friends and family.  In fact, one of my best friend's mom is a realtor here in Tulsa and she's the realtor we used to buy our house.  But, I draw the line at showing one of my friend's dad my girly business.  Maybe I feel this way because I didn't grow up in a small town where everyone knows everyone else?  I don't know, but just I didn't buy that scene.

I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because it is a "good" book, but if I were to recommend a Kristin Hannah book for someone, it probably wouldn't be this one.  Solid good, just not great.

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