Monday, January 21, 2013


I was a little MIA last week because I've been working on a couple crochet projects that I tried my hardest to finish before the weekend.  Well, it didn't work out...Friday night was book club and the first (birthday present) item I forgot at home and the second just didn't get completed (darn it!).  So!  This week both will be done and I'll post pics...until then, you'll just have to sit on pins and needles waiting.

In the meantime, I thought I'd catch you up a little on my reading.  I finished the Matched trilogy last week with Reached.

It seems like my book club has been waiting for this third installment forever.  Part of this is because we're so torn on how the first two have panned out...Matched is phenomenal.  Wonderful.  Seriously love this little YA novel.  Crossed...meh.  This book, literally, could have been written in 30 pages or less.  When you have two books that are so dissimilar in quality it makes you leery of continuing the series. 

The premise of these books is that Cassia lives in a futuristic society where everything is determined for you.  Who you marry, what your job is, when you die, what you eat, how much you exercise, where you live.  Everything.  On her "matching ceremony" night there is a glitch and she sees two men on her pod.  One initially, then the second.  Which one is the correct match for her? 

Throughout the books you follow Cassia and her two love interests, Xander and Ky, through this maze of dystopian society.  The three break free from their constraints and work for the uprising of this all-too-controlling hierarchy. 

Honestly, Reached was fine.  That's about all I can're not surprised about who Cassia picks for her love interest in the end and the story finishes well.  Not great, but well.  There isn't this big, fabulous, never-been-thought-of-before ending that comes at you from nowhere.  And that's OK.  If I were to rank these books by their likeability I'd say 1) Matched, 2) Reached and 3) Crossed.  If you've already read Matched, I'd say finish the series because they're worth finishing up the story.  But, if you haven't...I'm not 100% sure I'd recommend this series.  The movie rights have been purchased long ago and depending on how well they turn out, I might just recommend that instead.

P.S. Yay, I get to mark off another book from my NY Resolutions list!

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