Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee!

I've been a little MIA lately...sorry about that!  The truth is that I've been really busy with this that and the other.  Wanna play catch-up?  Here we go!

First up...my friend, Becky, and I drove to Kansas City to meet Maggie Steifvater!  This was a super fun girls' trip for Becky and me.  We listened to a couple audiobooks on the way, hung out on the Plaza, met up with her sister who lives nearby and I got to see an old high school buddy...not to mention the obvious fun of meeting a much beloved author!

Next...not this past weekend, but the one before was my dad's birthday.  So, we went down to Texas for his favorite birthday celebration: NHRA Drag Racing Finals in Ennis.  Got a great pic of me with my dad actually smiling (he usually only does that when a grandkid is in the frame) along with a cute pose of my aunt/uncle's Australia Shepperd, Toby.  Love how Toby's tongue is lolling out to the side.

Come race day the brothers found matching baseball hats that fit!  I have to explain the wonderfulness of this feat.  My dad wears a XXXL motorcycle helmet.  So yea, finding a hat to fit him borders along the lines of ridiculous impossibilities. 

Boy...you can't tell they're brothers at all, can you?

These flowers in my back yard are currently making me happy.  I have nooooo idea what they are, but I transplanted them out of my grandma's yard last year.  I was already taking some tiger lilies (which reproduce like crazy in her yard) when she told me to take some of these too.  She said they reproduce like mad as well and I have to admit that she's right; they've already doubled in quantity.  I can't say the same for the tiger lilies though...the bunny rabbits that get into our yard seem to think they're too tasty to let bloom...bastards.

Almost last up, I got a shock of hot pink (technically the color is labeled magenta) in my hair.  A close friend of mine has a couple of pink spots that I thought were cute, so I thought I'd give it a try.  The verdict?  I'm still undecided...what do you guys think?

Speaking of pink...how do you like my cute cards that I'll enclose with my Etsy orders? 
Love the mud splatter on the bright pink!

I'll try to get more in the swing of blogging again this week.  I've got a couple of craft projects to share, not to mention quite a few book reviews.  Stay tuned, I promise I'll be back soon!

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