Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Hathaway Series

OK, I promise after this post it'll be a while before another Lisa Kleypas (or any other smutty "literature") makes it's way onto this blog.  I was reading yet another intense, non-fiction behemoth (review coming tomorrow) and needed something light to spice things up and the Hathaway series fit the bill perfectly.

As many of Lisa Kleypas' books, these are all part of a familial series.  This particular grouping is an historical fiction set that focuses on the five sibling family of the Hathaways, set in 19th century England.  I loved each of the siblings and their love interests, particularly the gyspy factor that was going on in the first couple books.  Though, I will say the titles and covers of these books kinda cracked me up.  But, those are truly my only negative comments regarding these books.  Thanks Lindsay, for bringing these to book club!

If you've read either the Travis family series or the wallflower series by Kleypas (and liked/loved them) then you'd definitely like this set.  If you're not into "this kind of reading," that's OK too; just pass these right on by.  I won't judge either way!

However, and I know I've shared this before, but after reading any "romance" novel I always come back to reality in this way.

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