Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Friday Harbor Series

I know you must be thinking, "Man, this girl really likes Lisa Kleypas!"  Well, you'd be right...along with about half of my book club.  We've actually started using a term to describe her books, a "Kleypas cleanser."  I've referred to this many times about how I need a palate cleanser between reading serious or intense literature (...regarding my most recent intense book that sparked the reading of this series, I'll give you a review of it later this week).  With Kleypas, you always know what's going to happen: the couple is going to get together in the end.  But, it's almost always an enjoyable experience to read your way through, hence a nice palate-cleansing read. 

This series, Friday Harbor, is Kleypas' most recent and her second contemporary series.  It also throws in a smidge of witch craft and ghosts (only in books 2-4).  While this series is still worth the read, I didn't think it was quite up to Kleypas' usual standards.  There's supposed to be a fifth book coming out soon, and I'll definitely read it too.  But, if I were to give Lisa Kleypas some advice, I'd tell her to stay with her historical fiction niche.  That's her forte and where I really enjoy her writing style.

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