Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday

On this beautiful Friday I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on this and that (including a couple book review updates).

First off, I saw this picture of the "Infinity of Knowledge," located in the Prague Municipal Library, on Pinterest this morning and...oh-em-gee, love!

Speaking of Prague.  I recently finished this book, which happens to center around a teenage girl from Prague.

Days of Blood and Starlight is the second book from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, with the third book coming out sometime in 2014.  If you'd like to read my review of the first book, you can click here.  I feel about the same way for this book that I did the first...a little hyped up, but still good.  I'm glad that Karou finally discovers what her role in the war between angels and chimaera is.  This is not shaping up to be my favorite trilogy, but it's still worth the time to read and enjoy.  Just don't expect it to wow you like Twilight, Hunger Games, etc.

Speaking of mystical fictional YA reading, I finally read Beautiful Creatures as well.

This is another one that's been built up and up and up...and I thought it was just OK.  I will definitely continue reading this series, in fact I'm wait-listed on my library app for the second book.  However, this is another series that I would suggest not going into with high expectations.  It's good, but not the best.

Another another note, I also watched the movie.  I was forewarned that the movie is verrrry different from the book.  And I'm glad I was told that going in...because it is.  I'm not sure what their reasoning was in changing things up so much, but I'm hoping to be enlightened with the second book, perhaps?  I remember that the Swedish version of the Millennium series (aka the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) had some things occur in the first movie that were actually from the second book.  Luckily, I'd read them all the way through when watching those movies, so it didn't bother me. 

Random subject change: who wants to buy me this t-shirt?  Because it's soooo me!

Seriously though, I'll probably be adding this to my cart here pretty soon.  I don't care if summer is already over half over.

In other news, our tomato plants have been stinking it up this year.  I mean, we've gotten one lousy tomato and the two plants are ginormous with tons of blooms.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  But, that one tomato really wasn't fact, it was delicious and red alllll the way though.  I enjoyed it so, so, very much.

Also, Molly totally face planted in her bed last night.  It always cracks us up when she does that.  What's even funnier is when she's lying like this and her right ear is sticking straight up because of the way she's lying on it.  Ahhh, pets.  They're more than just companionship, they're also comedic relief.

Happy Friday all, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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