Monday, June 11, 2012

Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

So, last week I was a victim of theft.  On Wednesday, I was following through with a healthy routine that I love to partake in during the summer...walking on a trail.  And Tulsa has this great trail system and it's highly utilized by other walkers, runners and cyclists.  Little did I know that there is a path to this trail from my neighborhood...I found this out AFTER I talked to my neighbor about this thieving incident.

I'll start at the beginning.  I drive a coupe and I have darkly-tinted windows.  When I go walk/jog on the trail, I placed my purse behind the passenger seat in the foot well.  It would be EXTREMELY difficult to see in this part of the car unless you are leaning on the window with your hands cupped around your eyes to shade the sun glare.  But, apparently someone did.  And then proceeded to use a slim jim to open my car door and take off with my purse.

Needless to say, my entire Wednesday afternoon was spent calling the police, my credit cards, our insurance agent, my bank, a locksmith...etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

After all this...I feel so...violated.  I had never been a victim of any real, substantial theft before.  And at this point, since everything has turned out OK thus far, I'm really just angry about the sentimental stuff that was located in my purse.  You know what I'm talking about, the nicknacks and gifts you've acquired over the years.  I had a keychain that was my new last name's initial, which was a gift from my aunt when I married.  My tube of lipstick that I wore for my wedding was in there.  I had a re-usable grocery bag my mother-in-law gave me as a birthday gift.  It's the little things.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm upset about everything else too.  In fact, I found out today it's going to be $700 to fix my window that's off-kilter in the track now...  Thank you, thief.  I really appreciate that.

But, I'm going to continue to do what my husband told me to do yesterday...pray for the thief that did this to us.  Maybe if he or she was in a better financial and emotional situation they wouldn't be running around to trail parking lots stealing from cars.  And my mom did tell me to look on the bright side, at least they didn't take my whole car.

During this entire ordeal, I have learned from my neighbors that there is a pathway from our neighborhood to the public trails and that this might be a better plan in the future.  I'll try it out this week.  But, I can tell you one more leaving my purse in the car for me!  And I am grateful that I have such great neighbors in such a great neighborhood.  One of them actually watched my house for me on Wednesday while I had to run to the bank, which was before the locksmith could get there.  I was panicky because, hey, they had my driver's license (with my address on it!) and my house keys!  So, yesterday I took them a loaf of my famous banana bread in appreciation.

Anyway...what do you do when you feel like I did and need a little comforting?  How about make a wonderfully, tasty meal?  Over the past year, I've decided that pork tenderloin might be my absolute favorite cut of meat.  It's not too fatty and it has a lot of flavor.  This is one of my new favorite recipes and so I made know, just because.

Start out by frying up the bacon, then add in some mushrooms.

After they've cooked for a bit and you've seasoned them well, add in the fresh parsley and breadcrumbs.  Mix it all up and let cool.

Next, you want to prepare your tenderloin.  First off, rinse it well and pat to dry.  Then, lay it as flat as possible on a cutting board.  Looking at it length-wise, about a third of the way over slice the tenderloin about halfway through.  Flip it over and should look something like this.

Then, cover it with some plastic wrap and beat the heck out of it...pretend like it's some thief...or something.  Whatever you need to do to get it to look like this.

Take the filling and lay it on top of the tenderloin and using either some cooking string or soaked toothpicks (which, is what I do), close 'er up.  At this point I hand 'er over to the husband to grill.

He grills it, turning every so often until the thermometer you stick in the meat registers 140 degrees.  And it should look something like this.

Mmmmm....divine.  We paired this tenderloin up with some farmer's market finds: skillet-fried squash and zucchini with sweet corn.   Yummo...I could get used to this.

Once again, for this recipe, simply click here.

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  1. You are the second person I know that has had their wallet/purse stolen in the last month. It is such a horrible ordeal. I'm so sorry it happened to you.
    Now, on to that pork tenderloin...holy cow, that entire meal looks delish.



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