Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Distant Hours

First and foremost, have you even heard of Kate Morton?  I reviewed her The Forgotten Garden a waaaay, long time ago; for that review click here.  That was her sophomore novel and I finished her freshman novel, The House at Riverton, just a short while ago and included it on my "best of the best" blog for the past year. 

The Distant Hours is her most recent book, released in November of 2010.  Having just finished this book, I can say that while Morton was a great author to begin with, I can really see her grow and develop as a storyteller and novelist.  Her writing style is getting more smooth and her stories that much more complex.  Albeit, they're also getting longer...but, isn't that how it goes sometimes?

If I were to describe Morton's writing style I would first ask if you like mysterious novels that have a gothic flare?  Think Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights.  She also seems to have a thing for including sisters or other female relatives in her work, so I would definitely consider her a more serious kind of chick lit.

Another thing that's totally awesome about Morton is that she's Australian.  So, there's a slight Aussie tilt to some of her stories, especially The Forgotten Garden.  But, enough about Morton, you want to know if The Distant Hours is good, right?  The best thus far! 

Here's a quick synopsis: Edie Burchill's interest is piqued about her mother's past, specifically her time as a billeted youth in Milderhurst Castle during WWII.  All of this begins with a lost letter delivered to her mother after 50 years.  Edie's mother won't discuss the details of why this letter brings her to tears.  So, Edie slowly throughout the novel, unravels this amazing story that involves her mother and the sisters living in Milderhurst Castle: the twins Percy and Saffy plus the much younger Juniper.  For some reason, after Edie's mother returned home, Juniper went mad.  This leaves her older sisters to care for her these past 50 years.  What happened?  And why?

That's for you to find out!  Below is a video with Kate Morton describing the book. 

By the way, Morton has completed her fourth novel, The Secret Keeper, and it will be coming out in November of this year.  I can't hardly wait!  Read at least one of her novels, if not The Distant Hours, soon!

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  1. I am so glad you loved it! And the next book can't come out soon enough.



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