Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspection and Sale Time!

OK, so I haven't said anything because I'm scared half to death that I'm going to jinx it, but I have a buyer for my house!  He is pre-approved and we have a signed contract. Tomorrow afternoon is the inspections and I'm crossing my fingers that everything will go well!  Barring any unforeseens, we will be closing on May 21st.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Everything has gone relatively smooth thus far, I just hope that continues!

So, guess what all this immediacy means...I'm finally having my garage sale!  Actually, it just means that I've been too lazy to host one yet and now I don't have an excuse.  And next weekend is just too hectic...David has one of his groomsmen coming in town for graduation (PhD, woot woot!) that also needs to be fitted for his tux, plus we have to make a mini-trip to Kansas for a wedding.  Oh yes, and I have a friend that is graduating with her bachelor's degree.  Then, the weekend after that will be AFTER closing...sooo....you get the picture.  This weekend is IT!

While I am ready emotionally for this garage sale, I am soooo not prepared...yet.  I will have all evening Friday to prepare...it's probably going to be a loooooong night.  While most everything is out in the garage...none of it is organized or priced. Yippee for me! (this is when you really need a sarcasm font)

Wish me luck on all of the above...and I promise I will be a better blogger soon.  Between house, wedding, Junior Hospitality stuff and life in general, I just have no time right now!

Speaking of the wedding, did I mention we have set up the tuxedo rental, booked the rehearsal dinner and started two registries?  All this past weekend.  Go us!

It's all coming together...

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  1. What is your address? I'm sure it's in the redbook, but want to make sure it is the right one. I wanna try to pop by and browse your goodies.



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