Monday, September 9, 2013

Quilting Catch-up

I tend to perform marathon sessions of whatever interests me in a particular moment...or day...or week.  This past Friday it was my quilting to-do list.  I've had a few quilts that I'd been piecing together and was just ready to be finished with that aspect of it.  In other words, I was ready to throw them in the to-be-long-armed pile.  So, I finished three quilt tops on Friday, starting in the morning and finishing up around 9 o-clock that night.  I love how each turned out and can't wait to quilt them on the long arm!

This first one is my scrappy rail fence...Molly's not impressed, if you can't tell.

This hot air balloon quilt is a compilation of blocks that my mom received in a block swap.  A block swap is where, in this case, 25 quilters (from all over the country) all make 25 of the exact same whatever-themed block (in this case, hot air balloons).  Then, each quilter sends all their blocks to the organizer of said block swap.  The organizer arranges the blocks so that each quilter then receives one of each other participant's block.  Hence, everyone has the same 25 blocks to work with and assemble their quilt.  Here's how our quilt looks assembled:

And finally, this one is my creation.  You might recognize some of these blocks from this post back in June.  I wanted the quilt to be larger than just the log cabin blocks, so I've interspersed them with hourglass and plain red blocks.  Can't wait to play with this one on the long arm and then snuggle up with it this winter!

You know how the older you get the more you seem to be like your parents?  Well, with these quilt tops...I totally can see myself turning into my mother!  Haha, why fight it?

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