Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reading Lately...Meh?

I've picked a few books lately that just didn't measure up to my expectations.  None of these books were bad...but, none of them were anything I'd probably recommend?  In fact, all except this first I gave a mere two stars out of five.

The Light in the Ruins
(Three stars)

I've seen this book everywhere...bookstores, recommended reading lists, etc., etc.  It's a murder mystery connected to a point in time in the not-so-distant past.  It was just OK for me.

(Two stars)

I'll be honest and say that this book is extremely well written and that I was fully engaged...all the way up until the last quarter.  The main character did something at this point in the plot that I just could not get over and, therefore, the book soured for me quickly.  And because of her distasteful choice, I also found the ending unrealistic.

Kiss Me First
(Two stars)

The premise of this book is very dark; it's another assisted suicide novel.  However, this book is much more disturbing than the beautifully written Me Before You (click here for my review of it).  Plus, the further I got towards the end of this book, the more I just felt sorry for the main character.  She's hopelessly socially inept and she's horribly taken advantage of because of it.  This is not a feel-good book and though I know it's not supposed to be, I still didn't quite appreciate it.

Freud's Sister
(Two stars)

I really thought this book had potential!  This is a historical fiction novel that is based on a true story; it narrates the story of Adolphina, Sigmund Freud's favorite sister.  When the Nazi's were closing in on Vienna, Sigmund was given an exit visa and could take anyone with him that he chose.  He took with him his wife, doctor, maids, wife's sister and even his dog...but, not one of his four sisters.  Sadly, this book was very dry, though there were a few interesting tidbits throughout that are probably true facts.  I think I might have been expecting too much on this one...I might like it more the longer it's been since I've read it.

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