Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Only Took Me Three Years

David and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary at the end of July.  Ever since I got our wedding photos back from the photographer I've been, on again off again, scrapbooking our wedding. 

Well, a little over a week ago my good friend Becky came to visit me for the morning/early afternoon.  There was a scrapbooking convention near my house that she really wanted to attend.  So we went!  It was a super fun girls' day where we went to the convention, out for a delicious lunch and then...both of us being bookies...a couple book stores.  Super fun!

Well, this convention inspired me to finish our scrapbook.  I knew I was well over halfway done, I just hadn't spread out my pictures and scrapbooking accoutrements lately. 

In case you're wondering...this was how I spent my Labor Day afternoon and evening...it's done! 
And I couldn't be happier with it...unless a professional had done it for me, haha!

A sneak peek inside...


Bride and groom.

The ceremony.

All my girls.

My cake.

Generational pic of married hands.

My "thing that went wrong on my wedding day" was that my maid of honor tripped and twisted her ankle the morning of...so, of course, this documentation got it's own page.

Family having fun and shakin' their booties.

Our send off...

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  1. Isn't it such a good feeling to be done with it! You did a great job!



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