Monday, March 4, 2013

The Wallflowers Series

There are times when I need some light and frilly fluff to read.  Seriously, I can't read one strait-laced book after another.  As you can see from some of last week's posts I have recently read about a murder, a depressing meat-packing industry piece of socialist propaganda and an ultra dense historically accurate biography about a woman who lived over 2,000 years ago.  Who doesn't need something completely un-serious and for pure enjoyment only after all of that? 

Almost a year ago, Lindsay (from my book club) brought into our circle A Wallflower Christmas.  I didn't review it on this blog, but it was a nice, romantic, fluffy read.  Well, this book was the conclusion of a four-book series that my friend, Becky, ended up purchasing.  If you'd like to read Becky's review of the following four books, simply click here.

The main premise of these four books is that one year within London society, there are four young women who always appear to be sitting against the wall during societal balls.  Each is of marriageable age and each is eager...perhaps too eager.  Which might be why they're never asked to dance.  At one end-of-year ball the four begin talking and strike up a friendship where they hatch a plan.  The wallflowers, as they henceforth call themselves, will focus on one girl per year, starting with the oldest first, and combine their resources to "catch" a husband for her. 

Each of these books were a delightful, easy, breezy read with some "hot" scenes thrown in there.  I really enjoyed them, they were a great break from all the serious reading that I've been doing lately.  If I were to rank them, I'd say either the 1st or 3rd were my favorite, followed by the 2nd, then 4th.  If you're looking for a series that will make you smile and blush, these are the ticket.

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