Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Funday

This week I thought I'd share how the pins I electronically hoarded this week have reflected what's going through my mind lately.  First up, David cleaned out a lot of the garden over the past couple weeks and I cannot wait until it's planting time!  Flowerbeds, garden, flower pots, herb pots...bring it on already!  I think I might be trying these out in my flower beds later on this spring...

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

I'm always looking for ways to encourage my booty to hit the trails or gym...I found this iPhone alarm clock hilarious...

This picture and quote really spoke to me this week as well.  Molly is 11 years old and I've insisted on keeping her OKC vet throughout this entire shift from OKC to San Antonio and then Tulsa.  But, the fact of the matter is she's getting to a point where she'll need a local option if and when something happens...and I'll be taking her to someone new next week.  She's had the same vet almost her whole life...this stresses me out more than it ever could her.  This quote really is true for us, this little girl makes everything whole within this household.  David even refuses to get a second dog because he doesn't want to "upset the Mollster."

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

And finally, this quote has affected me the most. 

When it occurred, I spoke about how my best guy friend, Tom, died last year.  It's been almost exactly 8 months and I still think about him frequently.  He was blind and I remember taking him on errands, eating lunch every day and enjoying lots of laughs.  I can't hear a song by Queen, AC/DC, Billy Squier and a few others without immediately thinking of my friend.  I think this is how grief works...every day gets a little easier, but you still think about them a lot.  There's always going to be little things (like this pin) that will stop you in your tracks, making you remember and reminisce. 

Happy Friday (and first day of March), see you back here on Monday!

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  1. I'm glad it gets easier when we grieve but I am very thankful for those little reminders that keep us from forgetting.



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