Friday, February 11, 2011

The Host

So, I finally got around to reading The Host, Stephanie Meyer's first adult novel.  I loved the Twilight series, so I knew I would more than likely enjoy The Host...even though science-fiction is not my favorite genre of books.  I wasn't disappointed; I really enjoyed this book and have read about some sequel rumblings that I would be excited to read.

The premise of The Host is that an alien race, from the planet Origin, has infiltrated Earth and are inserting themselves within humans.  These aliens are much more peaceful and focus on preserving the planet.  While most humans have been inserted, there are a select few that haven't and these aliens are intent upon finding and inserting within these rebel humans.  Wanderer, the main character, comes to Earth after living on eight other planets and has been selected to be inserted into a particularly difficult human, Melanie.  Usually, once insertion occurs the human fades away and the alien becomes dominant over the physical mind and body.  This does not occur with Wanderer/Melanie.  Melanie will not go peacefully into that good night.

The story follows Wanderer and Melanie's struggles to co-exist, including a love triangle that entails Wanderer falling in love with the man Melanie has loved...  The two work to find Jared, Melanie's love, and make sure that he and Melanie's brother, Jamie, are safe.  But, then once Jared and Jamie are found, will they accept Wanderer/Melanie as the dual person that they are? 

I wasn't quite sure how this love triangle...which developed beyond even a triangle...was going to sew itself up, not to mention all the other plot hiccups along the way.  Meyer was very creative in how the story unfolded and I would definitely recommend this book, even to a non-sci-fi reader like myself!


  1. Yay! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I didn't enjoy the Twilight series, but I'm going to check this out. Meyers is a good story-teller, but I just couldn't get past the teenage love-vampire thing in Twilight.



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