Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four has made it's way through my book club...I'm one of only three of four girls that hadn't read it by the last meeting.  This book is a fictional story about nine young aliens (that look very similar to humans), called Loriens, that have been brought to earth in hiding so that they may grow up and develop their natural powers...which are much like super powers here on Earth.  Then, they shall return to their home planet and fight the aliens, the Mogadorians, that banished/murdered them from their own planet, Lorien. 

When the young aliens left Lorien, they had a spell placed on them that stated that they could only be killed in order (of the nine)...that is, unless any of them were ever to be together.  Therefore, each of the nine are hidden in different places on Earth.  Also, each has a guardian that cares for them and helps them develop their powers. 

This story, obviously, is about Number Four and his life once he realizes that the first three have been murdered by the Mogadorians.  There is a ton of action and "high stress" moments.  For what this book is, a young adult science fiction novel, it's very good.  I enjoyed this quick read and cannot wait to see the movie, which I believe will be very similar to the X-Men and the Transformer movies.  Here's the preview (c'mon February 18th)!

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  1. I am so excited about the movie! I cannot wait!!!



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