Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Art of Racing In The Rain

The Art of Racing In The Rain tells the story of a family from a different point of view...from the dog's perspective.  Enzo tells his life story along with the lives of his owner, Denny, as well as Denny's wife and daughter. 

Enzo has learned most everything he knows from television programs ranging from National Geographic to Nickelodeon.  Of course, the majority of what he knows revolves around race cars because Denny is an amateur race car driver...which is where the title of the novel comes from.  Denny is an expert at racing in the rain and he shares his secrets with Enzo. 

One television program in particular caught Enzo's attention...one that states that if a dog is ready, when they die they get to be reincarnated as a human.  After Enzo has done everything he knows to keep his family happy and intact...he's sure he's ready. 

This book discusses a couple of heavy subjects, the death of Denny's wife and the subsequent custody battle between Denny and his daughter's maternal grandparents.  These battles are shared in the way only a dog could understand them. 

And at the end...does Enzo get reincarnated?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

I really enjoyed this book.  A bit teary towards the end, but totally worth it!

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