Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farm Boy Benefits

I have never had a garden.  Only flowers.  I'm really good at growing pretty flowers.  But, the closest I've ever been to growing a garden was when I had to grow a little corn plant in a pot when I took Botany in college.  My plant didn't do so well...never got more than a little sprig.  I didn't much like that class either.

When I started dating David I learned that he was a farm boy and that his parents had a good-sized garden up on their land.  David also has a decent-sized garden in his back yard...it probably takes up one third of the entire yard.  Last year we had a lot of corn and quite a few green beans.  I asked him to grow some tomato plants for me, but they just didn't do very well.  He also had beets and potatoes last year, but I don't like beets and the potatoes were rather "ho hum" for whatever reason.  Oh yes, and we can't forget the cayenne peppers; I still have crushed red pepper flakes from last year!

But, this year...this gardening thing is getting pretty fabulous already!  I just want to share a few of our tasty reapings.  These are the green beans and tomatoes I found in the garden night before last.

And this...this is what I pulled last night (I also pulled some more green beans, but I put them in with the rest before taking this picture).  The real beauty that I'm excited about is that pepper...

Yes, we're growing bell peppers this year!  In lieu of the cayenne plant we decided to do bell peppers and a habanero plant.  We couldn't find a jalapeno plant, unfortunately.  This bell pepper is pretty small, though I'm not sure how big bell peppers get in gardens...anyone have any previous experience?  I didn't try to pick it, I just tilted it up a little to take a better look and it popped right off the plant.  There's another one, even bigger, still on the plant that I'm leaving alone to see if it gets any bigger.

Stay tuned for more garden pics from this excited city girl!  We also have a ton of corn (David's favorite garden vegetable), beets (running a close second-blech!) and that habanero plant I mentioned earlier.  It's really exciting to see all of this grow and produce right in front of you and I'm lovin' the fresh produce!  I had two sliced tomatoes last night and they were deeeeelish!


  1. Having a garden is so fun but it is also a ton of work! Keith and I had one for the first 3 years we had our house but this year we were lazy! :( I am glad you are liking your first garden experience!

  2. I just happened upon your blog. I'm enjoying some great home-grown tomatoes.

  3. @ Moogie, glad you're enjoying some home-grown tomatoes! They're quite tasty, I love 'em! :)



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