Monday, September 27, 2010

PB & J

This past weekend was a whirlwind for me considering I had birthday after birthday after birthday to celebrate!  Just to give you an idea, this past week (within a two day period) was my dad's, grandmother's, niece's and mother-in-law's birthday.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

On Saturday morning was Abbey's sixth birthday party.  Abbey is my friend (and matron of honor) Susan's daughter and for her party there were sandwiches served.  One of the sandwich flavors was the good ol' PB&J.  The night before the party Susan and Amanda (my maid of honor) prepared all the sandwiches for the following day.  They did this so that we had that much less to prepare immediately prior to the arrival of a dozen hyper little girls...

I was not informed of what took place during this preparation time until the following evening, when the three of us were enjoying some cold beverages.  Apparently, Amanda prepares PB&J sandwiches differently than either Susan or myself.  Now, I know there's more than one way to skin a cat (pardon the Southern saying), but how do you make a PB&J?

Here are the three ways we discussed that are all acceptable ways for PB&J preparation...or are they?? 

A.  Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread.  Spread jelly on another slice of bread.  Place peanut buttered slice on top of jellied slice (not the other way because the jelly might slide off bread as your flipping depending on consistency of jelly).

B. Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread.  Spread jelly on top of peanut butter.  Place bare slice of bread on top of peanut butter and jelly-covered slice.

C. Get out a bowl and spoon.  Dump some peanut butter in bowl.  Dump some jelly in bowl with peanut butter and stir.  Spread PB&B mixutre on a slice of bread.  Cover with another slice of bread.

I'll go ahead and share that my normal protocol is option A...that's probably why it's option A, because it's the first one I thought of. 

Thoughts?  Do you have an even more interesting or efficient way to make a PB&J?

By the way, yes, this is what late 20s/early 30s women talk about on a Saturday night.  What of it?  ::wink::


  1. LOL, this post cracked me up! I do option A as well. I will have to try mixing them together in a bowl beforehand. But I also hate the thought of extra dishes!

  2. Depending on my mood, I am an option A or C girl. Never would I do B...your knife would get all gunked up with pb as you attempt to spread around the j...that would be horrible.

  3. I'm an A too! I guess we are the conventional PB&J makers. Love that you discussed this, lol.

  4. The way to make a PB&J that needs to be taken in a lunch is to put a thin layer of PB on each slice of bread and then jelly in between. This keeps the bread from getting soggy.

  5. I can't stand watching option B people. It really upsets me for some reason. I seriously hate it. I am an option A person (ie the right way) :P



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