Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I started this book on Thursday the 9th...and by the time I had join my book club this past Friday night, I had read just over half of this book, which has a total of 452 pages.  Then, when I got up on Saturday I read...and read...and read...and read some more.  I finished the rest of this book within 36 hours.  With that being said, obviously this is one of those books that once you get "into it" you have to finish it. 

The basis for the storyline in this novel is a couple of scriptures from the Bible. Twice within the Bible the "Nephilim" are referred to and Angelology takes these pieces of scriptures and runs with them...and weaves them into a very captivating plot. 

The Nephilim are supposedly the offspring of fallen angels who have mated with human women.  These Nephilim are a "master race," which when the term is loosely translated means "giant."  They are taller, more beautiful, stronger and live longer than the typical human.  Not only that, they're unfeeling, emotionless and mean with a desire to rule the world.  They have no regard for human life and murder people regularly.  Angelologists (in this book only-there are real angelologists, but they don't have the same functions as within this book) are humans that study angels and the Nephilim trying to stop the Nephilim from their "evil ways" including taking over the world. 

Now, knowing that small bit of background information...Evangeline is really who this book is about, but you don't really "get" that until the end of the book.  The story starts with her and finishes with her.  You learn about how she joins the convent she belongs to in the beginning of the novel and how her life is a calm day-to-day schedule of prayer and church duty.  Then, a young gentlemen, named Verlaine, shows up with an inquiry about the contents of her library and Evangeline's life is turned upside down.  Angelology is a part of Evangeline before she even knows it...and that's only the beginning. 

This book has a very intricate storyline with a lot of background information that you receive up until about 2/3 of the way through the novel.  And then you get to the guts of the book...and then you can't put it down.  I will say there were a couple of twists and turns that I kinda saw coming, but not to their full extent.  There was definitely a few instances within this book that my jaw simply dropped open.  I loved it and would definitely recommend this book!


  1. I'm glad you liked it! So, do you think there is gonna be a sequel?

  2. So glad you liked it! I thought it was a great book. I hope their is a sequel!



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