Friday, February 7, 2014

Halloweenie...A Few Months Late

Halloween was right around the corner when I dropped off the blogging, I thought I'd show you some Halloween projects I finished way back when. 

My mom made a gorgeous Halloween quilt (that she enjoyed well into December) which I had the joy of quilting on our long arm machine.  I don't have an overall picture of it because I only did the quilting, she finished and sewed the binding on.  However, it features a big, fat jack-o-lantern in the center and then is surrounded by multiple blocks that look similar to the second picture.  I quilted swirls onto the pumpkin, then did a fun, cobweb design on all the other blocks.  Enjoy!

I also made a couple of cute Halloween table runners.  Both are nearly identical, but one went to the woman I lovingly refer to as my third mom.  She's my dad's best friend's wife and I've known her since I was five.  Phew, that's a mouthful, huh?  Anyway, her birthday is two days from mine and we always celebrate our October birthdays together. 

This second picture is mine once I finished it.  Both table runners are quilted with swirls.  While I was able to get the birthday present table runner out in time, this one was finished well after Halloween.  I'm totally looking forward to this one being displayed on my dining room table here in about nine months.

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