Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I hope everyone had a fantastic, long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  We certainly did, even though we spent about 9 hours on the road throughout the weekend...we still managed to see all our loved ones and that's what's important. 

I love this time of year because you're reminded of what's really important in your life, family and friends.  Though, from time to time I might get a little choked up because certain items remind me of certain people that might not be here anymore.  For example, I was in the grocery store on Monday afternoon and saw my first fruitcake of the year.  My grandfather, who we lost a few years back, is the only person I've ever known who actually liked (and actually LOVED) fruitcake.  It made me a little sad, but I had to smile at the same time.

Monday and Tuesday I predominantly spent decorating our home.  I really had fun this year because this was the first year I felt I could really go all out.  Last year, we had just moved and it was more of a rush to get everything up so that we didn't miss the chance to enjoy our decorations. 

This year, I decided to buy some garland for our staircase and David managed to get it hung last night...I think it looks fantastic.  I never even thought to do this last year, but it will definitely be a requirement every year from here on out.

Also, my great-great Aunt Naomia gifted us with this family heirloom nativity set back when we moved her into a senior living community this past summer.  I've had to wait since then before I could display it on our mantle...but, I think the wait was totally worth it.

Back to getting choked up around this time of year, this little guy did it to me as well.  My mom bought me this cheap, little, singing, light-up, stuffed Rudolph back when I was still in college.  He was always a part of my work station decorations.  During my last job, it always really felt like Christmas once he was displayed.  Part of that was because my then-boss and best guy friend, Tom, HATED this particular Rudolph.  He even strung him up at one point to make it look like Rudolph "committed suicide."  The Tom I'm referring to also happens to be the friend that lost his life earlier this year.  While unpacking and placing Rudolph amongst other Christmas-y stuffed animals, it made me smile wistfully while remembering better times with my friend.

Have you got your house and/or work station decorated for the holidays yet?  Or do you wait until closer to the big day?  David didn't actually want to decorate until December 1st, but I managed to persuade him.  His parents will actually wait until closer to Christmas because they always buy a real tree, which wouldn't last that long if purchased and decorated now.  I've never had a real tree and wouldn't even know how to care for it!

What items/foods/decorations make you feel nostalgic this time of year?

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  1. Your house looks great! My stuff all pretty much up, but I didn't do as much this year as I did last year. But we did get an extra foot on our tree this year and so far, so good with Sookie.



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