Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good In Bed

I know what you're thinking...this book is titled WHAT?  And the cover doesn't help.  But, trust me...this book is fabulous.  I wouldn't say it was one of my all-time favorites, but it is definitely a good book.  And if you want a book that will make you laugh out loud...pick this one up today.

This book starts out with Cannie Shapiro at work and her best friend calling to console her...but, console her about what?  It turns out that Cannie's...ahem, soon to be officially ex-boyfriend...became the new columnist for a magazine...the column interestingly titled "Good In Bed."  The topic of this column is supposed to be the man's side to a relationship; advice to women on what men really think and want.  Cannie and Bruce (the bf) were on a break...and Cannie assumed it really was a break, but Bruce obviously thought otherwise.  He thought they were officially through...which, is why he had no problem writing in his column about what it's like to "love a larger woman."  Cannie is flabbergasted...she knew she wasn't the cutest, little petite thing, but she never thought of herself as a "larger woman."

This book is a journey of self-discovery for Cannie and for the most part it's hilarious...right down to her dog's name, Nifkin (if you don't know what that the book, it is hilariously explained).  She has a wonderful sense of humor and I laughed out loud numerous times while reading this book.  The story does turn rather serious about halfway through, but it all ends in a way that I was very satisfied with.  And I have to was a bit of a surprise.

I think this book has a fabulous message/moral and would be an excellent read for any woman.  Every woman has "body issues" and I think that Jennifer Weiner takes a refreshing look at this topic in today's society.


  1. That sounds really good...if you bring it tomorrow night, I want first dibs!!!

  2. Good In Bed is a good book! Did you know that there is a follow up called Certain Girls? It is told by the baby, who is now a teenager.



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