Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Funday!

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a (p)interesting weekend planned!

I thought I'd start out this Friday by saying that because I was dog sitting this week...

(my baby is on the right and let's not even discuss how hard it was to get all three dogs in one shot)
I can totally related to this pin...

Some delectables that have been added to my "to-try" list...

Fashion savvy looks...

Some crochet ideas for future projects...

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

Some great Christmas pins...

And finally, I'll end with some great quotes (the last being my favorite!):

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest


  1. Grammar...the difference between Lets Eat Grandpa and Lets Eat, Grandpa...hehehe
    The Betsy Johnson quote is spot on! And I must have that brown MK bag.

    1. Bahaha! That's hilarious, I forgot about the grandpa example!



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