Monday, August 23, 2010

The Lace Reader

I finished reading The Lace Reader last week.

Towner Whitney has come back to Salem from a self-imposed exile to California, planning to sort out the estate details from her great-aunt Eva's mysterious drowning.  The Whitney women have always played an...interesting...role in Salem society...being lace readers and all.  None of this has changed since Towner's left and she's thrown head-first back into the same situations and murmurings about town.  But, Towner wants nothing to do with any of this; she simply wants to settle Eva's estate and head back out of town.  There's too many memories bombarding Towner...everything from her dead twin sister to her shattered and dysfunctional childhood.  What Towner doesn't know is that sometimes you have to come home and face your past before you can move on...and then, sometimes you might not want to run.
This book has just about everything...a love story, mental disorders, murder, plenty of dysfunction, mystery and violence.  And I loved every minute.  There's even a twist in the end I didn't see coming AT ALL.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you're looking for a little something different.

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  1. This is on my favorites list. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.



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